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1403 E 1850 Rd
Lawrence, KS, 66046
United States


Artist Statement

My art is about humanity and humanity's earthbound ties. It's about the land and our responsibility towards it; about primitive symbols that relate to my heritage, as well as the natural world.

My interest in the land arises from my background, having grown up on a working farm in Indiana, the product of first-generation Americans whose parents immigrated from Slovenia.

I have always been attracted to agrarian images--plants, agricultural tools, the fruitful soil-
using them to describe and symbolize life cycles: fertility, growth, depletion, renewal.

In addition, my concepts are closely tied to Surrealism. I combine everyday objects into new compositions, disassociating them from their original use. By employing unexpected juxtapositions in assemblage, objects become symbols that create metaphors and tell stories. By using movement and a rich variety of materials--cast bronze, ceramics, found industrial objects, agricultural tools- my work becomes energetic and visually intriguing; descriptive, but allusive.

I want my sculpture to reflect the significance and vulnerability of our relation to the earth in a time of increasingly dehumanized technology.

I want my viewers to think. 

I want them to be provoked.

Most na Soci, Slovenija

Most na Soci, Slovenija